Advice available from Peter Lapinskas on borage (Borago officinalis) agronomy, breeding and production
Borage (Borago officinalis)

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Advice available from Peter Lapinskas on evening primrose (Oenothera spp.) agronomy, breeding and production
Evening Primrose (Oenothera spp.)

Update 2017 - Moving towards retirement

As I move towards retirement, I am no longer looking for new projects and am now just finishing off some long-standing commitments to existing clients. I would like to take this opportunity therefore to thank all of my clients and colleagues, both past and present, for their help, encouragement and support. It is nearly 20 years since I set off down the route of independent consultancy and, whilst sometimes it has been challenging, it has always been good to know that there were people out there able and willing to support my efforts and to share the problems. It's been fun, I've learned a lot (such a lot!) and have enjoyed sharing in the successes along the way.

I doubt if I will ever entirely retire however, so I would always welcome contact from any fellow novel crop or speciality oil enthusiasts out there and if, on the basis of 40 years experience in the field, I can help with your particular problem, I would be happy to consider it. Just drop me an email (address on my contacts page).
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All the pages of the site are accessible through the menu at the top of each page. In particular, full text of all my publications can be accessed through the chronological listing in the publications section. If you are looking for some specific information it is worth searching for particular keywords using the search box at the bottom of this page as it limits Google to searching just on this site. Not all pages may have been indexed so I have also provided some links below to topics which might be of interest.

Evening Primrose (Oenothera spp.)

Much of my experience over the years has been on the development and production of evening primrose seed and oil for the healthfood and pharmaceutical industry, and so there is a great deal of information about this fascinating crop.

 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....The uses (and potential uses) of evening primrose oil in the pharmaceutical industry (1999).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....A more technical treatment of the same subject, with information on the development of the evening primrose crop (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....An evaluation of the market for GLA-containing oils, including evening primrose and borage (2000).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....A review of Chinese research, cultivation and use on evening primrose. China produces around 90% of the world's supply of evening primrose oil (2001).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....An insight into the development of evening primrose oil as a pharmaceutical product (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Oxidation in evening primrose oil (2000).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Commercial factors affecting the development of evening primrose crop production (1992).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....An early description of how the evening primrose crop was domesticated (1982).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....The problems which had to be overcome in domesticating evening primrose (1999).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Evening primrose growing trials in Pakistan (1998).

GLA and other fatty acids

The essential fatty acids are a vital component in the human metabolism. Here is some background information:

 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Fatty acids - where they come from and why they are important (2000).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....A really cool animated diagram of the pathway showing how the fatty acids are made in the body. You need the CHIME plug-in (free download from here ), but it's well worth the effort. (2001).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....For those who have wondered why gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is so called, and why there is an alpha-linolenic acid but no beta-linolenic acid, an article by Frank Gunstone explains all. (2005)

David Horrobin

David Horrobin was a pioneer in the development of our knowledge and understanding of the role of fatty acids in human nutrition. Here is a full bibliography of his published work:

 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Articles and books. (2005)
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Patents (2005).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Index of co-authors (2005).

Other sources of GLA

Evening primrose is not the only source of GLA:

 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Other oils containing GLA (2000).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....GLA can be produced using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) (1997).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Technical description of the isolation of the gene for making GLA (1997).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....A comparison of evening primrose oil with borage oil (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....How the borage crop was domesticated (1999).

Developing Novel Crops

There are a number of species which are potential new crops, or whose use could be dramatically extended. This subject has long been an area of interest for me, and I have expressed a number of thoughts over the years:

 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Factors which affect the commercial viability of new crops (1989).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....New crops and European subsidies (1992).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....New crops and agrochemical usage (1992).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....General principles for the development of novel pharmaceutical crop plants (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Oil crops for the pharmaceutical industry (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....The attitude of the pharmaceutical industry to crop-derived raw materials (1993).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Obstacles to pharmaceutical crop development (1998).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Breeding dwarf runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus) as a protein crop (1979).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....Production of dyes from traditional crops (written by my co-authors) (1997).
 Into the Peter Lapinskas site....How to build a flotation machine to find the remains of crops grown by ancient civilisations (included just for fun) (1974).

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