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Blackcurrant seed oil is unusual, in that it contains two fatty acids which are important in human metabolism but which are rarely found in the normal diet - gamma-linolenic acid and stearidonic acid. For this reason, blackcurrant oil has been developed as a nutritional supplement and cosmetic ingredient. The yield of seed (and hence oil) is too low for it to be viable as a stand-alone farm crop, so the oil is obtained from the fruit residue which remains after the juice has been extracted, as a by-product.

Information Sources
Australian New Crops (Australia)
Comprehensive listing of scientific references since 1988.
Oils by Nature
Chemical composition of blackcurrant oil.
PDR Health
Overview of possible health benefits and adverse effects.

Health Benefits
Monograph on medical uses of black currant oil.
Herb Research Foundation
Report of scientific study on the effect of dietary supplementation with black currant seed oil on the immune response of healthy elderly subjects (1999).
Life Extension Foundation
Discusses the use of oils containing GLA in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
Personal Health Zone
Some pointers to possible side effects, interactions and warnings in the use of blackcrrant oil.
The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
Overview of the possible benefits and uses of black currant oil.

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Restek Application Notes
Determination of omega-3 (n-3) and omega-6 (n-6) fatty acid composition in evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, black currant oil and borage oil using a FAMEWAX column. (pdf file)

Business to Consumer
Seed oil products
Academy Health (UK)
Suppliers of blackcurrant (starflower) oil capsules.
Holland & Barrett (UK)
Own-brand soft gel capsules available online or from their High Street shops.
Ribesin capsules from Aromtech (Finland)
Soft gel casules containing supercritical CO2 blackcurrent seed oil.
Value Nutrition/Vitanet (USA)
Suppliers of blackcurrant oil capsules.
Your Healthfood Store (UK)
Oil in 500mg capsules in a range of pack sizes.
Zooscape (US)
Soft gel capsules available on the internet.

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Helan (Italy)
Ultrafine skin cream containing blackcurrant oil, cereal liposomes, natural fading substance.
Martha Hill (UK)
Martha Hill Blackcurrant 5 minute face mask.

Business to Business
Agricultural Supplies
Seed suppliers
[email] GC & D Heal (UK)
Clean, dry seed and pomace, derived from UK and European-grown fruit, is normally available from this family-owned company near Bristol.
Glaxo Smithkline (UK)
GSK (previously Smithkline Beecham) produce the Ribena brand of black currant juice at their own factory. The seed is available as a side-product.
Greenfield (Poland)
Suppliers of blackcurrant seed and pomace (dried fruit residues).

Oil extraction and refining
AarhusKarlshamn AB (Sweden)
Provide an oil refining service, as well as selling a range of bulk oil products.
[email] Allen Forster (UK)
Consulting engineer with wide experience in extraction equipment for speciality oilseeds.
Aromtech (Finland)
Supercritical CO2 extracted blackcurrant seed oil, and a toll extraction service.
Botanix (UK)
Botanix Ltd specialises in the selective extraction and purification of a wide range of natural molecules from hops and other plants using liquid or supercritical CO2
Creol (France)
Toll extraction company with capacity up to 6 tonnes per day, using either cold press or solvent extraction. Research and development facilities also available. (Click on the Union Jack for an English version of the site.)
Statfold Seed Oil Developments Ltd (UK)
Statfold offer an oil refining service from their factory in Staffordshire. They also sell speciality oils.
Tanhoy (China)
Oil extraction service and bulk supplies of oil at competitive prices.

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Oil suppliers
A E Connock (UK)
Suppliers of speciality ingredients to the cosmetics industry.
Aiko Natural Products (China)
Supply both normal and organic oil.
Aromtech (Finland)
Supercritical CO2 extracted blackcurrant seed oil, and a toll extraction service.
Bioriginal (Canada)
Supplies a wide range of seed oils in bulk, encapsulated or pre-packed
Goerlich Pharma International (Germany)
Supplies a range of speciality oils in bulk and in capsules (both gelatine and soft starch).
Henry Lamotte (Germany)
Suppliers of a very wide range of vegetable oils.
Jedwards International (USA)
Suppliers of bulk natural oils.
Liaoning Jiashi Health Vegetable Oil Development Co Ltd (China)
A new supplier offering a wide range of speciality vegetable oils.
NP Nutra (USA)
Supply a wide range of seed oils and botanical extracts
Seatons (Croda) (UK)
Bulk oil suppliers for cosmetics.
Seema International (India)
Supply a wide range of wholesale oils, in small or large quantities. Not all product lines are listed on their website so, if you can't see what you need, ask.
Statfold Seed Oil Developments Ltd (UK)
Statfold offer an oil refining service from their factory in Staffordshire. They also sell speciality oils.
Tanhoy (China)
Oil extraction service and bulk supplies of oil at competitive prices.
Vitapure (He-Ro Fine) (US/UK)
Suppliers of nutritional ingredients to the healthfood trade, as raw materials or finished dosage forms.

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Banner Pharmacaps (Multinational)
Multinational company with facilities in North America and Europe, specialising in softgel capsules.
Cancap Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Canada)
Encapsulation service based in British Columbia, Canada.
Captek Softgel International (USA)
Offer soft gel encapsulation from their factory in California.
Catalent (Multinational)
Previously R P Scherer, who invented the softgel manufacturing process in the 1930's, and are still major manufacturers of capsules and a wide range of other delivery systems.
DCC Health & Beauty Solutions Ltd (UK)
DCC (previously Eurocaps) offer an encapsulation service in a range of capsule sizes. Site features English, Dutch German and French versions.
Hasco-Lek (Poland)
A privately-owned company with modern equipment, producing soft gel capsules for nutritional and pharmaceutical companies to GMP standards. Also has its own range of filled capsules for sale in bulk or pre-packed.
Meldex International plc (UK)
Meldex manufacture encapsulation machinery (the XGel system) which provides a vegetarian alternative to gelatine, at lower cost. Toll manufacturing facilities may also be available.
NBTY Capsule Works (USA)
Softgel manufacturing company based in New York state sells filled capsules or will manufacture using the client's oil.
Sainland Capsule Co. Ltd. (China)
The largest soft-gel capsule manufacturer in Asia with a capacity of 5 billion per year.
Swiss Caps (Multinational)
Swiss company with offices in the US and many European countries, offering a range of softgel capsules, including a vegetarian version. Web site also available in German.
UPHA (Malaysia)
Contract encapsulation service.

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Eclipse Scientific (UK)
Wide range of analytical services, including pesticides, heavy metals and microbiology.
Mylnefield Research Services (UK)
Full lipid analysis service, operating from the Scottish Crops Research Institute, which is generally recognised in the GLA field as being the 'gold standard'. 16 MB of files about all aspects of lipids available on the site.
National Institute for Agricultural Botany (UK)
Basic tests for oil content and fatty acid composition.
Reading Scientific Services Ltd (UK)
RSSL provide a comprehensive range of food analysis services.
SGS Control Services (USA)
Large company whose analysts regularly win prizes from the Americal Society for Oil Chemists (AOCS), offering a wide range of oil analysis services.
University of Florida (USA)
The Bacterial Identification and Fatty Acid Laboratory can provide full fatty acid analysis using gas chromatography. Their speciality is bacterial strains, but they can also analyse plant tissue and oil.

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If you should be interested in selling blackcurrant seed, or in buying the oil extracted from the seeds (which is rich in important fatty acids) I may be able to help, through my consultancy business. For more details, see my home page.

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