Glen, A.I.M.; Glen, E.M.T.; MacDonald, F.K.; MacDonell, L.E.F.; Mackenzie, J.R.; Montgomery, D.J.; Manku, M.S.; Horrobin, D.F.; Morse, N.L.
Essential fatty acids in the treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome
In: Birch, G.G.; Lindley, M.G. (Eds.) Alcoholic Beverages, Elsevier, London. 1985: 203-221.


This study reports abnormal essential fatty acids in human alcoholics and partial correction by gamma-linolenic acid given in the form of Efamol brand evening primrose oil. Double-blind trials were conducted for 3 weeks and 6 months on alcohol-dependent patients, approximately 50 for the former time period and 20 for the latter. Dosage used was 8 capsules daily of Efamol or placebo. After 3 weeks, those patients taking Efamol required less diazepam to control their withdrawal symptoms and showed a decrease in liver toxicity and improvement in cognitive function compared with those taking placebo. Similar trends were noted after 6 months but not at significant levels suggesting that most of the therapeutic effect of Efamol occurs within the first 3 weeks of treatment.

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