Huang, Y.S.; Mills, D.E.; Ward, R.P.; Simmons, V.A.; Horrobin, D.F.
Stress modulates cholesterol-induced changes in plasma and liver fatty acid composition in rats fed n-6 fatty acid-rich oils
Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 1990; 195(1): 136-41.


The effects of dietary cholesterol (CH) and isolation stress on fatty acid compositions of plasma and liver cholesteryl ester and phospholipids were compared in growing rats fed an 18:2n-6 or an 18:3n-6 enriched semisynthetic diet for 2 weeks. Stress, CH-feeding, and dietary fats had no significant effects on plasma CH level, but CH-feeding alone elevated the liver CH concentrations. CH-feeding also modulated the liver polyunsaturated fatty acid compositions, i.e., increasing 18:2n-6 levels, and reducing 20:4n-6 levels, indicating an inhibition of the enzymes, delta-6 and delta-5-desaturases. The extent of these changes was less in rats fed 18:3n-6 than in those fed 18:2n- 6. Stress, which alone had no significant effects on plasma and liver fatty acid compositions, attenuated the CH-induced changes of fatty acid levels.

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