Kinchington, D.; Randall, S.; Winther, M.; Horrobin, D.F.
Lithium gamma-linolenate-induced cytotoxicity against cells chronically infected with HIV-1
FEBS Lett 1993; 330(2): 219-21.


Lithium gamma-linolenate (Li-GLA), was evaluated for its activity in selectively killing H9 cells chronically infected with HIV-1RF. After 4 days incubation with Li-GLA approximately 90% of the H9RF cells were non-viable compared to 20% of uninfected H9 cells. The efficacy of the Li-GLA, in preferentially killing HIV infected cells also correlates with lipid peroxidation, as measured by the intracellular thiobarbituric acid-reactive material content. The addition of an antioxidant (vitamin E) to the culture medium reduced the toxicity of Li- GLA. These data indicate that this selective killing effect of cells chronically infected with HIV may be due to the enhanced extent of lipid peroxidation of the added Li-GLA.

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