Puri, B.K.; Bydder, G.M.; Chaudhuri, K.R.; Al Saffar, B.Y.; Curati, W.L.; White, S.J.; Mitchell, L.; Hajnal, J.V.; Horrobin, D.F.
MRI changes in multiple sclerosis following treatment with lofepramine and L-phenylalanine
Neuroreport 2001; 12(9): 1821-4.


As part of a large, randomized placebo-controlled trial of inpatients with multiple sclerosis (MS), a subsample of 15 underwent cerebral MRI at baseline and 6-months (eight on lofepramine and l-phenylalanine; seven on placebo). Unlike the placebo group, the active group showed a significant reduction in lesion number visible on T1-weighted scans (p < 0.05). The lateral ventricular volume increased, on average, by 1020 mm3 in the untreated group and 600 mm3 in the treated group. In the treated patients the ventricular size change correlated with both change in Gulick MS-related symptoms scale scores (rs = 0.71, p = 0.07) and Gulick MS-related activities of daily living scale scores (rs = -0.83, p = 0.02). It is concluded that treatment with lofepramine and l-phenylalanine is associated with significant MRI changes.

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