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My publications

Lapinskas P. (2003)
Producing for the medicinal and health food industries
J. Royal Agric. Soc. England 164 (ISSN: 0080-4134)
Full text

Lapinskas P. (2002)
Medicinal and health food crops: a diversification opportunity?
Lecture given to Royal Agricultural Society of England meeting, Wadebridge, Cornwall, 23 January 2002
Slides in pdf format

Lapinskas P. (2001)
Diabetic Neuropathy
Lecture given to MSc course, Nutritional Medicine, University of Surrey, 8 November 2001
Slides in pdf format

Lapinskas P. (2001)
Producing for the medicinal and healthfood industries.
Lecture given to National Herb Centre, 23 October 2001
Abstract    Slides in pdf format

Deng Y. C., Hua H. M., Li J. and Lapinskas P. (2001).
Studies on the use and cultivation of evening primrose in China.
Economic Botany 55(1) pp 83 - 92
Full text

Lapinskas P. (2000)
Omega-6 fatty acids - What, why, where and how?
Presented at: A fitter future for fats?, 6 June 2000, Leatherhead Food Research Association, Leatherhead, England.
Abstract    Full text    Slides in pdf format

Lapinskas P. (1999)
The development of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) as a pharmaceutical product.
Presented at: Speciality Chemicals for the 21st Century, 16-17 September 1999, Valbonne, France.
Abstract    Full text

Horrobin D. F. and Lapinskas P. (1998).
The commercial development of food plants used as medicines.
In: Prendergast H. D. V., Etkin N. L., Harris D. R. and Houghton P. J. (eds.) Plants for Food and Medicine, pp 75 - 81. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Abstract    Full text

Lapinskas, P (1998)
Competitive production systems - cost/benefit/scale effects
Presented at: 667th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Leicester. 21-23 September 1998.
Abstract    Slides in pdf format

Zahoor A. and Lapinskas P. (1998)
Evening primrose - A plant of nutritional and pharmacological importance
Presented at: Novel Crops Symposium, Islamabad, November 1998
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1997)
Evening primrose - a case history in new crop development.
Presented at: The Ethnobotanical Richness of the Mississippi River Basin, St Louis, 4-8 June 1997

Lapinskas P. (1997).
Production and marketing of GLA-containing oils.
Proceedings of the International Symposium on New Approaches to Functional Cereals and Oils, p 636. Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, Beijing.
Abstract    Slides in pdf format

Sayanova O., Smith M., Lapinskas P., Stobart K., Dobson G., Christie W. W., Shewry P. R. and Napier J. A. (1997).
Expression of a borage desaturase cDNA containing an N-terminal cytochrome b 5 domain results in the accumulation of high levels of Δ 6 -desaturated fatty acids in transgenic tobacco.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 94(8) pp 4211 - 4216.
Abstract    Full text (External link)

Shewry P. R., Napier J. A., Sayanova O., Smith M., Cooke D. T., Stoker G., Hill J., Stobart A. K. and Lapinskas P. (1997).
The use of biotechnology to develop new crops and products.
In: Smartt J. and Haq N. (eds.) Domestication, Production and Utilisation of New Crops, pp 76 - 87. International Centre for Under-Utilised Crops, Southampton.
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1996)
The use of set-aside land in Europe for the production of medicinal crops
Presented at: Plants for Food and Medicine, Imperial College, London, 3 July 1996

Lapinskas P. (1994)
The domestication of the evening primrose
Presented at: 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany, Mexico City 22-24 June 1994

Lapinskas P. (1994)
The development of new health food crops.
Presented at: Society for Economic Botany (UK Chapter) meeting, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 17 April 1994
Full text

Horrobin D. F. and Lapinskas P. (1993).
Opportunities and markets in the pharmaceutical and health food industry.
In: Anthony K. R. M., Meadley J. and Röbbelen G. (eds.) New crops for temperate regions, pp 80 - 90. Chapman and Hall, London.
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1993)
Medicinal plants and the pharmaceutical industry
Presented at: Medicinal Plants and Their Conservation, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 16 October 1993.

Lapinskas P. (1993).
Oil crops for the pharmaceutical industry.
In: Shewry P. and Stobart K. (eds.) Seed storage compounds: biosynthesis, interactions and manipulation, pp 332 - 342. Oxford University Press.
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1992)
Factors affecting the commercial success of a novel crop.
Presented at: 1st World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Human Welfare (WOCMAP), Maastricht, 19-24 July 1992
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1989).
Commercial exploitation of alternative crops, with special reference to evening primrose.
In: Wickens G. E., Haq N. and Day P. (eds.) New crops for food and industry, pp 216 - 221. Chapman and Hall, London.
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1982).
Evening primrose - origins and cultivation
Presented at: Leatherhead Food Research Association, 9 November 1982
Full text

Lapinskas P. (1979)
The potential of Phaseolus coccineus and of hybrids with P. vulgaris as pulse crops for the U.K.
Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge.

Lapinskas P. (1974)
Flotation machine
Annual Report of the M3 Archaeological Rescue Committee 1974: 16-8
Full text

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Publications by Other Authors

The aim of this section is to highlight publications by other authors which are not well known, or which may be hard to obtain.

Litvinchuk, K. A., 1939
Rubber, oil and fibre from the evening primrose.
Tekh kul'turi 19(5-6): 75-77 (Russian)
This is the only reference I know of relating to fibre and rubber production from evening primrose. Having been published shortly before the second World War in the Soviet Union, it was extremely hard to obtain, yet it is not infrequently quoted by other authors.
(English abstract)    (Full text in Russian)

Chilton, M.W., 2002
Summary of evening primrose seed production in the Pacific Northwest
In: History of speciality seed crop production in the Pacific Northwest by Rackham, R.L. (ed.) Willamette Valley Speciality Seed Crops Assoc. (ISBN 0-929332-12-1) p62-7.
An overview of the various locations in the Northwest of the United States where evening primrose production was undertaken. I was involved in this production from the very beginning (in 1978) so it is very pleasing to see this information recorded for posterity.
(Full text)

Gunstone, F.D., 2005
Why is gamma-linolenic acid so called?
Personal communication (published with permisssion)
(Full text)

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